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Kathryn has the rare gift

Being a member of The Tax Pro Collaborative run by Kathryn, I have been able to get insight on what I need to accomplish to move my business to the next level and the support and encouragement to take the next steps to achieve my goals.

Being a small business owner sometimes means being hit by “Shiny Object Syndrome.” But, Kathryn has the rare gift to be able to keep me focused on the task I need to do to move my business forward and to encourage me to look for and take the uncomfortable action that will get me results.

Chris Peden – President, Peden Accounting Services

it’s given me some relationships that I treasure

The Collaborative is not only a critical element of me taking my business to the next level, but it’s an essential part of me becoming a bigger me. And, it’s given me some relationships that I treasure, with people I trust, who I know will be part of my life down the road.

I really can’t say enough about it – if you’ve got a business that needs a nudge (or a big push) then you need this program.

All I can say is I got more done in the last round of The Collaborative than I would have ever thought possible – and it didn’t even seem hard. And yes, that is hard to be believed. But it’s true, it’s all true.

Christi Bender – CPA, and Tax Strategist

I am able to achieve 4 hours of work in 2 hours.

During one 2-month sprint, I tripled my monthly revenue. The bi-weekly mastermind has been incredibly inspirational and influential in new business steps. Our co-working sessions are the most productive time of my week. I am able to achieve 4 hours of work in 2 hours.

Kathryn is amazing…just the right combination of support, action, and inspiration.

Jenn Barr – SPHR, President + Founder, The Resources Group, Inc.

experienced tremendous results

Over the past two months of working with Kathryn and a few other Tax Coach members, I’ve experienced tremendous results in building out the systems behind tax planning and profit planning services. Building these systems had been on my “To Do” list for quite some time but it was something that I hadn’t managed to accomplish. Kathryn was there each step of the way to keep us on track and to also share her inspiring thoughts and ideas. I’m sure the other group members feel the same way!

Diane Gardner – Adept Business Solutions