Hi! I’m Kathryn — Founder of Creating Your Plan

We help service-based business owners, consultants, and coaches simplify their business, so they can…

Scale their offers so they are more profitable, more impactful, and easier to deliver.

Build a collaborative team to allow them to leverage their unique gifts.

Create a business model that allows them to remove themselves from being the hardest working employee in their business to the CEO of their business + life.

The business owners we work with want…

More margin — in their day, in their bank account, and in their lifestyle so they can move from the day-to-day grind and into their zone of genius work.

I Started This Journey…

working full-time in systems and process improvement as a corporate trainer for a technology firm in southern California. I was on the leadership team that was responsible for obtaining and implementing certifications for the company’s corporate headquarters.

The work was stressful and fulfilling at the same time. I loved the training elements and knew this was something I wanted to do more of, if given the chance. I saw other contracted trainers come to our corporate headquarters, do some training workshops, and then travel to their next client. I loved the idea of what that looked like but had no idea how to make this happen for myself.

The Next 10 Years…

For one whole decade, I did absolutely nothing to act on my desire to be more and do more with my life.

This was 3,650 days of frustration with the suffocating nature of the corporate environment. I was at the mercy of the worship of the status quo and the quid pro quo.

I suffered under the same self-delusional thinking many a closeted-entrepreneur has fallen into.

I thought to myself, “Hey, while I was on the ladder, I might as well scale it!”

An Opportunity…

And then, like many of us who are deeply connected to a desire, life eventually intervened on my behalf, with possibility.

An injury for me and a job transfer for my husband resulted in a cross-country move. We packed up our fur babies and pitched home in a brand new state.

This seemed like a fine time for a new beginning. This was going to be my opportunity to finally pursue that big, secret thing.

Stuck In The Rut… Again…

But like so many other couples in this situation, we needed another paycheck. As there were no corporate jobs in this new place, I found myself in education and professional development.

There, my corporate training skills in priority management, goal-setting and process improvement proved useful, but I felt handcuffed to a future I didn’t want, in a most horrible way.

You might have been here, and it’s worse than a dark place, it’s a dingy one. And it lasted—you’re reading this right—another decade.

Use Your Admins Wisely

Reflection And Recalibration…

The 40’s are many things, but the best is their catalytic force.

One December 31st, I was journaling an end-of-year reflection, something I’d done before. But this time was different.

This was that fateful day’s instigating journal prompt: “Think about a time you’ve had the urge to make a big change in your life. What did you do? Did you take action? Did you hold back? What were the results and the impact, based on where you are right now?” It was a wallop to the gut.

The tears, gasping tears, flowed.

I would ask you now, reading this same prompt, do you feel the same? Are you ready to make a change?


Where I’m At Now…

After 20 years of wanting more, I was finally honest with myself.

My ME was bigger than being creative with a bi-weekly salary, making the best of a bonus package and squeezing the life out of someone else’s-sanctioned four weeks of vacation.

So, I did it. I opened for business, while working 50+ hours a week. Using the skills I now teach people, I planned, I curated my time, and I thrived. Within a few short months, I’d booked my first client, left my job, and the rest is, well, here.

Everyday I partner with service providers to create the business they’re meant to be running.

One where they can escape creating customized and complicated offerings…

…and instead have a streamlined premium service.

Where you can leave behind the nit picky clients who pushback on their invoices…

…and serve the ideal clients you love to partner with while generating the revenue and impact they want, without the burnout.

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