We did this and the revenue followed

As a business, we’ve had a goal of crossing the 7-figure mark for a few years, but we couldn’t seem to make that happen. I knew it was possible but didn’t know what I needed to change.

We’ve tried lots of things in the past like project management and strategic planning tools. Last year, we implemented a decision-making process. It was a game-changer and helped us know where to put our attention to have the biggest impact.

By making the decisions we knew were good for the business, it brought the 7-figure revenue with it!

My leadership team is more aligned than ever. We now have a complete goal setting and achievement system to get better results in the business.
Bev Stitely
Managing Partner, Saunders Tax & Accounting

More revenue and deeper client relationships

I was feeling all over the place. My calendar was so full of client appointments that I couldn’t get the work done. I felt like I had to be the one that talked to clients all the time because I was the one with all the knowledge.

I didn’t feel like I was able to serve my clients the way I wanted and I was frustrated.

It wasn’t until I implemented a few of these tools and processes that I felt more in control of my time. I finally feel like I have the bigger impact I want with my clients without working so hard. I’ve also implemented these same tools with clients to support their business growth!

Our client communication is so much better! My team is able to deliver because of our processes and procedures. I now have the ability to step away from the day to day work in the tax office and keep it running. I am on my way to being the owner of a tax practice, not just working in a tax practice.
Linda Staph
Founder, Stapf Financial
I have been able to get insight on what I need to accomplish to move my business to the next level and the support and encouragement to take the next steps to achieve my goals.
Chris Peden
President, Peden Accounting Services

A brand new six-figure revenue stream

I’m so excited to share that I exceeded my first $100,000 of coaching income. This is a big milestone for me. I’ve been able to add this revenue stream alongside my existing accounting practice. Thank you for encouraging me to step way outside my comfort zone. I love coaching! It’s the highlight of my week!
Diane Gardner
Owner and Accountant, Adept Business Services
Kathryn — I wanted to say thank you! It has been less than 6 weeks since I started using The Client Profit Maximizer, and in that time I have presented 7 packages, 5 of which have been accepted exactly as presented – so far. These new fees are 128% higher that the old fees. I NEVER would have thought I could DOUBLE my revenue for some clients – this is beyond anything I could have imagined.
Christi Bender
CPA, and Tax Strategist

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